If anyone did it, then I can do it. If not, so maybe I can do it. -Rabea Taradeh

Technical Skills

Web Dev.

Single Page, MVC, RESTAPI, and Cloud

Angular 6, .Net Core2, HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJs

Mobile application Dev.

NativeScript(TypeScript), Android Studio(Java), Ionic(TypeScript), Unity3D(C#)

Embedded Systems

Arduino, Raspberry pi, x86,Digital Design, Microcontrollers dev., Networks, Sensors, IOT,... etc

Game Dev.

2D, 3D, FPS, TPS, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Integration With Embedded Systems (Unity3D)

Code Experience

Scrum, git, code qulity, OOP, OOD, UML, ER, and design pattern

Taiga, Gitlab, Github, GitKraken


First Line Code Since


BA. Computer Engineering from Palestine Polytechnic University


Commercial Projects


Cups of Coffee and Tea


May 2019 - Now: full stack .Net developer at Aerdata Boeing Co. under Appiatech Co. managment, and working on:

Appiatech Co.

AerData Boeing

Appiatech - AerData

AppiaTech is a software company providing a high-quality software development services and consultation using the state of the art technologies.

AerData provides lease management, records management, engine fleet planning and audit and inspection software as well as technical and back office services for aircraft and engine operators, lessors and MROs. With a strong customer focus, AerData delivers reliable and secure services to its clients using latest technologies and state of the art infrastructure. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company and have an employment partnership with Appiatech.




CMS (Corporate Management System) empowers you with a hosted software tool to optimize all your aircraft lease and asset management business processes

Oct 2017 - April 2019: Scrum master - full stack .Net developer at Bizloud Co., and developed some projects such as:



Bizloud is one of the technology companies established in 2013, to provide multiple electronic services and technology-based solutions by using the cloud service. The company aims to provide cloud-based services for various companies and institutions according to the works of each company. This makes a company target group diverse in terms of nature such as (“public/private”, “small/large”, “profitability and non-profit”) and specialties of the work (trade, marketing, sales, consulting and programming).




A set of practices aimed at managing the electoral campaigns and follow-up all stages in order to facilitate the electoral process and ensure integrity.




A set of practices aimed to improve customer satisfaction of services provided by municipalities and community institutions. through provides a complete package of applications (project management, forms, events, archives, and ticket management) that are used in community institutions to facilitate work and reduce the time and effort spent on work.




A set of practices aimed to manage and controlling trips and passengers.


Other Projects:

(Graduation project) Crazy Age: is a gun simulation with augmented reality shooting game.
VR cycle: is a simulation for a bicycle, With VR game.